1st – Falla Hill

A short Par 4 with out of bounds down the left-hand side and a green guarded by 3 deep bunkers. Suits a mid-iron off the tee, leaving a short approach into a raised green that slopes from front to back. Beware of over clubbing off the tee as there are trees on the right which will block out your approach.

2nd – The Plum

Tree lined par 4 with out of bounds down the left hand side. The green is guarded by 3 bunkers. Suits a long-iron off the tee followed by a short approach. There is also out of bounds behind the green so beware of over clubbing on your approach.

3rd – Greenhill

Par 4 dogleg from right to left. There is a water hazard on the left which is hidden from the tee. Best to stay right of the two fairway bunkers to leave a short iron into a generously sized flat green. Good birdie chance.

4th – Bent Head

Par 5 with out of bounds down the right. A drive to the right of the fairway bunker is required. There is a second fairway bunker to catch second shots and the fairway narrows as you get closer to the green but a good second shot will leave a straight forward approach to the green.

5th – The Pond

Tough par 4 with out of bounds on the right, running the whole length of the hole. A good drive over the hill will still leave a long approach shot into this raised green. There is a water hazard on the left as you approach the green but only comes into play if you’ve hit a poor drive. A par is a great score on this one.

6th – Bridge End

Lovely downhill par 3 that requires an accurate tee shot. Picking the right club here is vital there is out of bounds over the back. Always plays shorter than it’s yardage.

7th – Tarry Dews

Par 5 where an accurate tee shot will set you up for a good chance of birdie. The fairway gets tighter as you get nearer the green with a fairway bunker on either side guarding the entrance. The green is generously sized and will gather in any shots landing short as the fairway slopes down to the front from right to left. Beware of running through the green though as there is a steep drop behind.

8th – Wellhill

Downhill Par 3 with bunkers at the front and right of the green. A burn runs around the side and back of the green so correct clubbing is essential.

9th – Powder House

Par 4 where an accurate drive is required. There are two ditches dissecting the fairway with the second ditch being a danger to the big hitters. A drive to the right of the fairway bunker will leave a straightforward pitch into a green sloping from left to right. Good birdie chance.

10th – Muldron

Par 3 with a blind tee shot over the marker stone. The right club is vital here as a short shot over the marker will usually bounce away to the right of the green and leave a tricky up and down for par.

11th – The Ruins

Par 4 with a blind tee shot. A drive over the red road will leave a straightforward approach over the hill that protects the front of the green. The fairway slopes from left to right and there is more room on the right than you think. The hill at the green will push all short approaches to the left. Two deep bunkers on the left of the green await to accept any poor approach shots. Beware of driving left of the red road off the tee or you could be in deep trouble.

12th – Race Track

Tough tree-lined par 4 that requires a long and accurate tee shot. If you can drive over the first ridge you will leave a second shot of approx. 200 yards to a slightly elevated green protected on the right by a deep bunker. Par is a great score on this one as it’s one of the hardest holes on the course.

13th – Levenseat

Par 5 where an accurate tee shot is required as there are trees down both sides and a burn protecting the left-hand side of the fairway. The burn also cuts across the fairway from left to right and may catch some of the longer hitters. A good fairway wood will leave a short pitch to an elevated green guarded by a deep bunker on both sides of the approach. Favour the left side of the green as the right-hand part of the green is very narrow and can leave you a very difficult chip back to save par.

14th – Eldrick

Treelined par 4 with fairway bunkers on both sides and a burn running across the fairway to catch any big hitters. Depending on the wind you may need to hit 3 wood or a rescue to stay short of the burn. A drive to the right of the left fairway bunker will leave a short iron approach into a well-guarded 2 tier green. Beware of the right-hand side of the tee as there is a hidden fairway bunker just over the ridge. It’s imporant to be on the same level as the flag, or you will face a tricky putt.

15th – The Buchs

Long par 3 played from an elevated tee. The green is protected by a bunker on each side of the approach. Par is always a good score here as choosing the correct club from the tee is vital.

16th – The Knowes

This tree-lined par 4 features a dogleg and a two-tiered green. Be careful not to run out of fairway on the right with your drive as the trees will block out your approach to the top level of the putting surface. With the prevailing wind from the West this means your approach shot is usually at least one club more. Being on the wrong side of the hole will mean a tricky two putt. Four is always a good score here.

17th – The Viaduct

Short par 4 with out of bounds running down the left-hand side. The green is protected by 2 bunkers at the front . Just short of the green there is a burn running across the front and right-hand side. The big hitters can take advantage by driving the green but beware as everything runs down towards the burn if you miss the green. Don’t be fooled by its length. The 17th is a tricky wee hole.

18th – The Greenburn

Par 4 with out of bounds on both sides of the fairway. This is a classic risk and reward hole as an accurate driver off the tee will leave a short iron into the green. If you want to play safe with a long iron off the tee then you will leave a more difficult approach shot. With trees at either side of the front of the green, it makes it look a lot tighter than it really is. Brilliant finishing hole and potential card wrecker! Every single member has a story to tell about their nightmare on 18.